How We Met

My name is Elizabeth Holena and I am recently engaged to Neal Sonnenberg. Neal and I met as undergrads at James Madison University in 2004. We both lived on campus in Wayland Hall; Neal lived on the first floor and I lived on the third floor. I was introduced to Neal through my suitemates who knew Neal from their freshman year. I immediately knew Neal was someone I wanted to get to know better and spend more time with.In the beginning, I causally hung out and dined with Neal, my suitemates, and Neal’s suitemates. Eventually, I worked up the courage to drop by his room to say “hi” or do my laundry when he happened to be doing his laundry in the basement (I secretly stalked his away messages on AIM).

The turning point in our relationship occurred on my 21st birthday. I invited Neal and his suitemates to my 21st birthday at a friend’s apartment. Since it was my 21st birthday, I was a bit more courageous and friendly than usual. Upon Neal’s arrival to the party, I greeted him by jumping on him and giving him a big hug. He was just as excited to see me as I was to see him. At this point, I think I knew subconsciously that he was the one I wanted to be with.

After my 21st birthday party, Neal and I started hanging out just the two of us (sans suitemates). We talked on the phone every night of winter break for several hours (Neal usually fell asleep). Neal even drove up to Easton, PA with his friend to ski with my brother and me in the Poconos.

When we got back from winter break Neal made our relationship “official” by asking me if he could change his relationship status on Facebook to “in a relationship with Elizabeth Holena.” We’ve been together ever since!


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