April 30, 2009

More wedding photographers

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:45 pm by Elizabeth Holena

Katie Stoops from Open Air Photography emailed me the  Open Air Investment Guide 2010. I’m interested in Package 2, but I’m not sure if 6 hours of coverage is enough. She does state that couples may substitute the engagement or bridal session with two additional hours of coverage. This could be a feasible option.

I am also interested in Brett Winter Lemon Photography and Emily Hayes Photography. Any thoughts on these photographers?



  1. Melissa said,


    I’ve heard great things about Open Air. My friend Sarah is having her photograph her wedding this June. I’ll ask her how she feels about the service, but I do know that a few months ago she received a relaxation package from her photographer with all kinds of goodies in it to help her relax while planning the rest of the wedding. So, she seems really nice and thoughtful.

    However, after looking at the websites I also like Brett Winter Lemon’s pictures too. He’s got some really cool shots! So, I think both are good options.

    Love you,

  2. Aunt Kathy said,

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Brett Winter Lemon’s website was pretty cool. I also liked Emily’s website.
    6 hours does not seem like enough time.

    L, Aunt Kathy

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