April 27, 2009

Hey…let’s plan a wedding!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:15 pm by Elizabeth Holena

The ringI decided to create Getting to Happily Ever After as a way for Neal, my fiance, and I to plan our wedding with family and friends. My goal for this blog is that it will be a project management tool and personal diary of our engagement and wedding.

I plan to use Getting to Happily Ever After as my individual project for TSC 690 Digital Rhetoric. This blog will incorporate topics relating to digital rhetoric such as social interaction design, social media, and collaboration.



  1. Neal Sonnenberg said,

    Great job! I really think this will be a nice resource for our friends and family to get information as soon as we get it. And it will be nice to get feedback from them… much more useful than the typical wedding website.

  2. Melissa said,

    I’m loving this! Now, let’s get to planning! Love you bunches bride-and-groom-to-be. This will be the best fall wedding anyone has ever seen! 😉

  3. Aunt Kathy said,

    It is so nice of you and Neal to want to include us in on your wedding planning. You know how excited we are for the both of you! Love you.

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