August 26, 2009

Wedding Photographer

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Neal and I chose a wedding photographer: Emily Hayes Photography. Emily is a talented up and coming wedding photographer in the DC Metro area. We are looking forward to working with her and seeing our engagement and wedding photos.


July 31, 2009

Wedding invitations

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I love these wedding invitations (and so does Neal)!

Reception venue booked

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Neal and I booked a venue for our wedding reception. Our reception will be held at the Holiday Inn Georgetown on October 9, 2010.

May 5, 2009

Apartment photos

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Living room floor to ceiling windows

Living room floor to ceiling windows

Living room

Living room



Kitchen looking into the dining room

Kitchen looking into the dining room

Photographer recommended by Erin

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Erin Hart, who works at SunMountain with Neal, suggested another photographer for our wedding day, Laura Dunlop. Erin had family portraits done by her and loved the photos. My only concern is that she has never shot a wedding before. I’m hesitant to hire someone who will be new to weddings.  Let me know what you think!

May 4, 2009

Moving on up!

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I was without the Internet all weekend and unable to blog because Neal and I were busy moving on up!

Well, Neal and I survived our first weekend of moving into our new apartment. I moved a few things while Neal moved most of his clothes, movie collection, and bed. Unfortunetly, I missed the moving of the mattress and box spring due to a severe migraine. Neal and his dad were able to tie the two to the top of a Ford Escape and drive on back roads to the apartment building.

Our apartment is pretty much empty at this point. I still have my furniture (e.g., couch, dining set, coffee table, dressers) in my Harrisonburg townhouse. Neal and I plan to move the rest of my furniture in two weeks with the help of my strong brother and his friend Dave.

I’m busy packing the next two weeks while Neal is living it up bachelor-style in our unfurnished apartment. We are looking for 24-inch bar stools to use at our kitchen island. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy a set of two for under $100?

April 30, 2009

More wedding photographers

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Katie Stoops from Open Air Photography emailed me the  Open Air Investment Guide 2010. I’m interested in Package 2, but I’m not sure if 6 hours of coverage is enough. She does state that couples may substitute the engagement or bridal session with two additional hours of coverage. This could be a feasible option.

I am also interested in Brett Winter Lemon Photography and Emily Hayes Photography. Any thoughts on these photographers?

Happy Birthday Aunt Kathy!

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I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Aunt Kathy! I hope to see you soon. Love you! xoxo

I sign my apartment lease today

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Today, after my last class of graduate school, I have to drive up to Arlington to sign my new apartment lease. Neal and I are moving into a brand new apartment building in the Courthouse area of Arlington. We even have a view of the Washington Monument. I can’t wait to move in and start decorating.

The amenities are fantastic; they include a gym, pool, and movie room. The best part is that Neal can walk to work and I can metro to work. We can walk to stores, restaurants, and two metro stops.  🙂

April 29, 2009

Possible wedding photographer

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I really wanted to hire Casey Templeton (JMU ’06) as our wedding photographer but he is no longer traveling outside of Richmond. So, instead I’ve been searching and searching for someone who is affordable and artistic. I came across Open Air Photography by Katie Stoops. I like her style–it’s artsy and interesting. I’m going to contact her for availability and a price quote.

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